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Smart Processing


Automated Processing Line. From Raw Materials to Finished Quality Products. Our Microfactory stations provide accessible miniaturised hightech processing lines with a modular system setup, enabling flexible manufacturing and batch production.

Quick-turn manufacturing capabilities with low batch volumes & multiple SKU’s. 24hrs processing capability, always delivery to your clients with fast product turn-around.

Computational Food Product Formulation

Product Formulation with any ingredient & agile recipe variations & management. With plant bioinformatics, use locally available raw materials, ancient crops, superfood and more functional ingredients to formulate food products that meet quality expectations.

Test new variations fast and easily.and can be tailored to specific health and diet requirements for your consumers.

Digitally constructed shelf


Start, Grow, Scale with Smart Scalable Production Systems


Food Safety & Quality Control Regulatory Compliance

Automated systems and AI-powered product formulation ensure consistent and reliable food products. Processing station with food safe interior, read-to print product data for quality control and analysis. Inventory management & ingredient traceability from farm.

Plug & play with Low Setup-cost

Made with new and young food explorers in mind, the Foodmills microfactory station delivers full intelligent data, automation, and robotics technologies. It can be set up in just one day with full technical support from Foodmills. Limited human labor is involved, keeping operational costs low. You can spread your setup cost over a period of time through a joint partnership.

Additional Services To Optimise Your Business

Product Strategy

We can develop a comprehensive product strategy for your business, including product positioning, branding, and marketing. This can involve analysing market trends and identifying opportunities for growth.

Process optimisation

Foodmills will work with you to optimise the manufacturing processes, using data analytics and automation technologies to improve efficiency and reduce waste. This can include identifying areas for improvement and implementing process changes to achieve better outcomes.

Sourcing Assistance

Foodmills will help you source high-quality, locally available raw materials from our partner regenerative farmers.

Concept Development

Based on your goals and interests, we will work with you to develop new food product concepts, based on market research and consumer trends.

We are creative innovators & explorers, we love the unknown. Bring your ideas, queries and lets explore together!

We Can Work with you on Sourcing, Concept Development, Product Strategy and Process optimisation.

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