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Creative Innovation & Purpose Driven

Foodmills is led by a highly experienced management team with a proven track record in the food & tech industries.

The team has a wealth of experience in food technology, manufacturing, and business operations.

The team is committed to the company's vision and mission, and we have the skills passion and expertise to execute the company's business & impact objectives.

Founder / CEO & R&D

Sean Patrick

  • R&D Functional Food

  • 2 time founder Green Banana & Wholy Greens (Veggihap)

  • Erasmus University Rotterdam (ISS), Master’s Degree- Agrarian, Food and Environmental Studies

Co-founder / CTO

Prem Sundaramoorthy

  • Systems Design & Engineering

  • Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering TU Delft

  • Automation & Sensors Expert

Co-founder / CFO

Bart van Beuzekom

  • Erasmus University Rotterdam, Master of Engineering (MEng), Quantitative Finance

  • Finance and Econometrics

  • Mathematical Modelling,

  • Analytics & Supply Chain Optimisation

What We Are Reading

At Foodmills, we value reading as a key aspect of our culture. It helps us stay ahead of the curve in the food industry and fosters lifelong learning. Reading challenges our assumptions and inspires new ideas, which fuels our passion for creating a regenerative food system that benefits people and the planet. We embrace challenges as chances for growth and innovation.

“The Global Food System: An Analysis” By Metabolic, The Netherlands

The rise of food & beverage micro-factories


Our goal is to offer exciting food experiences for every customer while supporting farmer-centric food production and biodiversity-driven food systems.

With a symbiosis of nature and technology, we can sustainably harness the power of both while transforming the food system.

This can be achieved by using a distributed smart manufacturing network that incorporates regenerative agriculture and local biodiversity.

Purpose-driven Mission

Foodmills' mission is to create a regenerative food system that restores biodiversity and promotes health  living through accessible, technology-powered craftsmanship.

We strive to achieve this by providing distributed micro-factories for local regenerative agriculture and facilitating reliable participation in value-added food processing

A bold Vision

To make all food a regenerative force for healthy people and a biodiverse planet.


Building Localised Food Futures
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